Group Session Considerations – Part II

Some more thoughts on running a Group Dog Training Session. This segment is specifically focused on the challenges and potential pitfalls when handling or demoing with a client’s dog.

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Ben Kersen

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Ben Kersen

The Family Affair

This July our Group Training session was a family affair.  Nancy helped instruct and we had our daughters, participate handling a westie a malinois.

Here are some thoughts:

Turn up your volume – they’re a little quiet.

The Run Club Concept

Ben Kersen and Run Club DogsImagine having your dog watching your every move when you are out on a walk.  Imagine being able to have your dog move right past that deer grazing in the bush or that squirrel that darted under his nose.  And imagine all of this without uttering a single word.

Sounds a little unbelievable, yes but I have been having great success over the past few years creating results exactly like this.

The theory behind run club is based on what I have observed dogs doing naturally everyday.  The concept of following the leader and moving as a unit or a pack.

More to come…