The Next Step on Treat Balancing

Nancy and my girls taught Roo, our malinois, how to balance a treat on her nose while sitting pretty.  Here’s how to take this trick to the next level!


I also included some outtakes below worth a laugh!


4 comments on “The Next Step on Treat Balancing

  1. benkersen says:

    Hey Ginette! Just noticed this unanswered post – sorry for the late response!

    First of all, practise makes perfect so keep trying as you will probably find a solution. Try with different size food treats and try it when you know he’s really hungry.

    Let me know how you make out!

  2. Love the trick videos Ben, especially the outtake when you open her mouth and shake the treat out!!! LOL! still laughing about that one!!! how did you tach her to catch it? Rolo balances really well but when I say ok he just drops it to the floor then eats it after. can’t get him to flip it up like that and catch it.

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