BC Lions Half Time Show

Check out some of the highlights from the show I did this summer for the BC Lions game.


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Ben Kersen


Creating a Dog Shadow.

If you ever visit you will quickly notice that it’s not my daughters nor is it me that our dogs follow around from room to room.   It is my wife, Nancy, that Joey and Roo-Roo shadow constantly.  Here’s her take on why that is.

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Ben Kersen


Wonderdogs at Pet-a-Palooza!

Come out and cheer us on!  The Wonderdogs will be doing 2 performances at this worthwhile event. Hope to see you there!

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Ben KersenPet a Palooza Poster

Dreaming of Puppies…

Was looking through some video clips the other day and came across this clip of me working with Joey when he was a wee pup.  It was 9 years ago we shot the footage.  Since then we welcomed Roo, our malinois, into our house and before we knew it, she too was all grown up.  Time flies.

Ah for a puppy that would stay a puppy just a little longer…