Puppy Proofing the House – By Ben Kersen

Puppy Proofing the House

By Ben Kersen

Ben KersenOne of the most common complaints we get from clients when they call Ben Kersen & the Wonderdogs is “my puppy chewed my _____” or “peed of my _____”!  Don’t let this be you!

Before bringing your future wonderdog home, it’s important to check each room of your house for items that may be hazardous. All household cleaners, bleaches, oils, chemicals of any sort should be kept in a high, and preferably locked cupboard.

All electrical cords should be dabbed with jalapeno pepper juice, lemon juice, bitter apple, or some other substance that will taste terrible to the chewing puppy. If you have a Mexican dog or a dog that just won’t take “no” for an answer, try Dave’s Insanity Sauce (this sauce is available in the specialty food section of most grocery stores).

It is important to have lots of chew toys for puppy (as an alternative to your furniture and electrical cords). However, with the exception of Kongs and some of the hard rubber Nylabones, almost any chew toy will break down under determined chewing. Be sure to replace such toys before they become small enough to be swallowed.

For more on things to consider before brining your puppy home, think about doing a consultation with a professional dog trainer.  My business, Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs offers this service at a good rate.  Visit my website for more information: www.wonderdogs.ca

Until Next Time,
Ben Kersen
Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs
Victoria, BC Canada


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greats posts, Ben!

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